Best ACH Payment Processing For Small Business 2024

accept ach payments

If you submit your ACH file after the cut-off time, it’ll be processed on the following business day. ACH payments are best suited to domestic transfers between US banks. You can make international ACH payments with a growing number of banks.

  • Your organization shoulders the cost of the ACH payment, which is significantly less than other transactions, thus making it appear to be “free”.
  • ACH payments can be initiated through most financial institutions’ online member portals or over the phone.
  • If you ask at the end of the month, when payments are already in process, you probably won’t succeed.
  • Transactions on the ACH network are categorized as either ACH credit or ACH debit transfers, depending on which way the money moves.
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  • Among Nacha’s rules is a requirement that all sensitive information (e.g., bank account numbers) needs to be encrypted.

How to accept ACH payments as a business

A pending ACH payment is kind of like a placeholder for the money that is to be transferred. It sets aside the money and either credits or debits the money to or from the account so it cannot be used for other purchases. Using ACH payment processing can be an excellent solution for many businesses.

Lower processing fees

accept ach payments

The money won’t land in your account on weekends or federal holidays when the Federal Reserve system is closed. Keep in mind that same-day ACH payments are unavailable for international ACH transactions. Same-day transactions incur extra fees and have a cap of $1 million USD per transaction. To accept ACH payments online, the best option is to use a payment gateway. You can enable ACH payments on your payment gateway provider for an extra fee.

ACH is a lower-cost solution than accepting card payments

accept ach payments

The processing of ACH transactions typically occurs within a designated time frame, ensuring timely completion of payments. Since its founding in the early 1970s, ACH payments have made payment processes between entities easier. They use direct bank account transfers instead of card networks, checks, or cash.

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The RDFI, despite having “receiving” in its name, is not always the bank that receives the ACH payment funds—it receives a request to initiate funds transfer via the ACH network. The ODFI, the institution where the request for funds originates, often receives the money in the end. Think of “originating” and “receiving” in reference to the ACH request, not the funds themselves. The two banking institutions check in with each other to make sure there are enough funds in the outgoing account, and if there are, the transfer goes forward.

The only hiccup you may encounter with ACH payments are “bounced” transfers, due to insufficient funds in your customer’s account. Just as with paper checks, ACH transactions can’t go through unless there is enough money in the payer’s account. ACH payment processing is ideal for those with recurring billing, invoicing, or B2B sales needs.

ACH payments are a great option for subscription, membership or service based businesses. For low fees, you’ll be able to pull funds from your customer’s bank account, making recurring billing easy. Some payment processing providers, like Stripe, offer additional services related to ACH payments, such as the option to use microdeposits. ACH is an inexpensive, reliable, and secure way to process payments. It allows customers to purchase high-priced items without worrying about credit card spending limits.

  • Your bank may limit the dollar amount you can send via ACH or the number of transactions you’re allowed to complete each month.
  • ACH payments can be credited the same day, the next day or within two days for speedy processing.
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  • With these details, you can get paid like a local, free of conversion and cross border fees.

You can also avoid the cost of chasing down late payments, and if your payment and accounting systems are integrated, ACH payments may be faster and less expensive to process. If you’re new to ACH and want to learn the basics, start with our guide to ACH payments. You’ll learn, for example, that ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, an accounting services for startups electronic payment network. It’s run by an organization called Nacha that monitors member banks and credit unions and enforces ACH standards. If your business operates on invoices or offers subscriptions, the comparatively low cost of ACH payments is worth the benefits. For other businesses, the cost may not immediately be as justifiable.

accept ach payments

Notifications may be delivered through various channels, such as email, SMS, or online banking platforms, depending on the preferences of the parties involved. Once you’ve obtained authorization, collect the necessary bank account information from your customers to facilitate ACH payments. This typically includes the customer’s routing number, account number, and account type (checking or savings). You’ll need to provide relevant business information, such as your company’s legal name, address, tax ID, and banking details, to complete the account setup process. Ensure that the chosen provider complies with industry regulations and offers robust security measures to safeguard sensitive financial data.

Once your bank account is active, simply provide customers with your bank’s routing and account numbers. Your customers can initiate ACH payments with no further work needed on your end. The last step in accepting ACH payments is processing transactions.

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