How To Set Up & Accept ACH Payments

accept ach payments

Aside from being one of the best checking accounts for small businesses, Chase also makes our list of recommended payment processors. If you’re a new business looking to set up ACH payments, it has everything you need to get started. An ACH transfer uses the “automated clearing house” network to process payments directly to and from bank accounts. You might never have heard of ACH, but you’ve probably used it for direct deposit, utility payments, Social Security benefits or tax refunds. Historically, the biggest difference between ACH and wire transfers was that wire transfers were much faster. Wire transfers were settled at the end of each business day, after which the funds were immediately available in recipients’ accounts.

Faster processing times

However, since it’s cheaper than PayPal or credit card processing, it might be worth offering a discount or a free month on a long-term subscription. Once it’s set up, your customer needs to provide their bank account information. Merchants use ACH debit for business transactions that are initiated by the receiver.

accept ach payments

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  • Instead of marking up interchange rates, called interchange-plus, Payment Depot charges a monthly membership fee, starting at $59, and a per-transaction fee ranging from 7 cents to 15 cents.
  • The ACH is run by the National Automated Clearing House Association (Nacha).
  • Once it’s set up, your customer needs to provide their bank account information.
  • And in 2021, the ACH network processed 604 million same-day ACH transfers.

For example, ACH is well-suited for billing subscriptions and B2B transactions but can be cumbersome to use at point-of-sale. Want a payment processor with credit card authorization tools and more already built-in? Visit Square to see why it is our top-recommended payment processor. Plus, ACH payments do not require any human input, but bank employees will manually complete wire transfers. ACH payments are also designed for transactions typically under $5,000, while wire transfers can be used for almost any amount. ACH debit payments are processed three times during a business day.

accept ach payments

ACH Direct Deposit

If you have a business that offers recurring services or products, such as a subscription box or a monthly service, you can easily receive payment each month with automated payments via ACH. Usually, the payment processor includes a way for you to send payment reminders, so there are no surprises for customers when they make a payment. Most ACH payment processing companies are primarily credit card processors, so you’ll usually be able to run customer and sales reports or export data from your account. These are helpful features for business decisions and predicting future sales and necessary for bookkeeping or accounting.

It is commonly referred to as the ACH network, ACH payment system, or simply as ACH. For eligible businesses, funds can be available within two business days from when the payment is processed. See our support page or your Dashboard for more information on eligibility.

accept ach payments

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  • Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot on incentives; the key is finding the right motivation.
  • While both ACH and wire transfers enable money transfers directly between bank accounts, they are different payment methods.
  • Since the technology and process have stayed the same since the 1970s, ACH payment processing is considered slow by today’s standards.
  • Don’t shy away from explaining how ACH transactions benefit your business, why ACH is your preferred payment method, and how your customers can benefit from ACH, too.
  • Customers submit their banking information to their utility company.

The ACH network, overseen by organizations like the Federal Reserve and NACHA, facilitates the transmission of ACH transactions between the originating and receiving banks. Through this network, transaction instructions are securely transmitted, ensuring Navigating Financial Growth: Leveraging Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Startups that funds move efficiently between accounts while maintaining data integrity and security. Customers can enter their online banking credentials to instantly verify their bank account rather than manually entering routing and account information.

ACH payments vs. wire transfers vs. EFT payments: What’s the difference?

ECommerce darling Stripe has an exhaustive list of features that can potentially meet the needs of just about any eCommerce business. ACH processing is included with every account at no extra cost, and processing charges are very competitive with what other payment providers can offer you. Add in the fact that Stripe has extensive billing and invoicing features and excellent support for recurring payments, and you have a great all-around platform for bank-to-bank transfers. PaymentCloud is at the top of the list of Merchant Maverick’s best all-around high-risk payment processors for its fair treatment of hard-to-place businesses.

accept ach payments

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